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Detection using membrane Location£ºNanyang hui tong > Detection using membrane

Detecting membrane for TCT£º
Track etched membrane is based on the irradiation of polymer materials with energetic heavy ions leading to the formation of linear damaged tracks across the irradiated polymeric layer or membrane, the tracks will be revealed into regular pores by using a well- chosen wet chemical etching.

The principle of track etched membrane is different from the deep filtration principle of other micro-filtration membrane, it can retain the particles on the surface because of its accuracy and consistent pore size. so it can be applied to detect the cervical cells, which greatly improve the detection rate of diseased cells.

Product classification£º
Roll membrane¡¢ slice membrane and membrane tube , these membranes can be chosen to meet customer demand.

Width :             22~25cm      available
Pore size :         5~10um       available
Thickness :         16~25um      available
Aperture ratio :    104¡«105

It can be applied to any thinprep cytology test in domestic or overseas.

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