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Nanyanghuitong R&D department
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Add: small and medium-sized enterprise incubators, East new district, Wenling city, Zhejiang Province, China
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Nan yang hui tong is a high-tech enterprise engaging in the production and research on the heavy ion microporous membrane (track-etched membrane). The company belongs to joint venture consisting of Beijing Hui tong tian chen Technology co., LTD and Zhe jiang nan yang Technology co., LTD. (stock code: 002389).

The objectives of the company are to industrialize heavy ion microporous membrane (track-etched membrane), turn it into productivity and then provide microporous membrane with high quality in the field of medical, food, industrial , application industry , etc. The company engage in research ,development, production and sale of heavy ion microporous membrane . And the company was founded in 2012 , the headquarter was registered in Haidian district, Beijing. and the production base was located in Wenling city of Zhejiang province.

Nan yang hui tong own independent researching technology and independent design and processing of heavy ion microporous membrane , what¡¯s more, the quality of the products achieve level of similar products at abroad.

The company develop a series of track etched membrane and its application products by taking full use of the researching resources and the production advantages But most important of all, in order to provide the better¡¢safer filtering membrane products and services to the customers, the company follow the principles of modern management: ¡°attaching importance to talents, encouraging innovation. adhering to the objective of people-oriented, pioneering and innovative, honest and trustworthy, users above all¡±.

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