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* Heavy ion microporous membrane is introduced
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Heavy ion microporous membrane is introduced Location£ºNanyang hui tong >Heavy ion microporous membrane is introduced


1.The introduction of heavy-ion microporous membrane (track-etched membrane)
Track etched membrane is a new type of filtration membrane. Which is characterized by accuracy and consistency pore size and the cylindrical pore and the particles larger than the pore will be absolute retention on the membrane surface while filtering . Track etched membrane is suitable for cross flow or backlash ,so as to improve the membrane life. For the membrane is the dielectric membrane, no pollution occurs to the filtrate membrane itself, so it is an ideal choice for precision filtration.

2.The principle of formation

While the heavy ions go through the plastic membrane, the 3~5nm irradiation damage will be formed on the way because of the interaction of the Kulun between the ion and the membrane.
The pores can be formed by chemical etching, and the pore size is precise and controllable, which range from 10 nm~ tens of um.
The distribution of pores is random, pore size is uniform and pore density range from 104¡«1011/cm2 .

3.The prosperities of the track etched membrane
¡ïAccuracy pore size (precision of the pore size : ¡À0.2um)
¡ïHigh flow velocity (thin, flow velocity £¾800ml/cm2*10min)
¡ïNo secondary pollution (no fiber releasing)
¡ïHigh chemical resistance (resistance to acid and organic solvents)
¡ïGood thermostability
¡ïGood biological properties
¡ïGood mechanical strength and flexibility
¡ïLight weight, good consistent weight, low hydroscopicity, low ash content (difficult to go bad because of damp)

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